Adobe Stock and Fotolia Upload Now Available

As of today, you can link your Photerloo account to Adobe Stock and upload photos to Adobe at the same time as Shutterstock and your social sites.  If you were a Fotolia contributor from before it was purchased by Adobe, then it is very easy to link your Adobe account to Fololia. When you do this, each photo that is uploaded to Adobe Stock also appears in your Fotolia account.

We have also made a number of improvements to reduce the number of upload errors and decreased the page load time for when you are using Photerloo on a mobile device.

For those counting, we have now added Shutterstock, Facebook Pages, Twitter and Adobe stock since our initial beta in February. That brings the count of supported sites to 7, how many more do you think we can add by end of year? We use your feedback to decide which ones get built next do leave a comment below with your favorite site that isn't supported yet to move it up on our list.