The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Workflow for Photographers

Many photographers struggle finding the time for social media. Not only is it time consuming to post and engage, but keeping up with which sites to post to and all the social media best practices can be a full time job.

This used to be my stuggle but now with the help of Photerloo, I can now post a photo to 9 different websites, including my website in only 3 minutes. I believe I have developed the ultimate social media marketing workflow for photographers.

I currently market my photos on these sites:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Flickr

  • Smugmug (my photography website with my own domain)

  • Shutterstock

  • Adobe Stock

  • Alamy

  • BigStockPhoto

Not only am I posting, but I also include titles, descriptions, keywords and hashtags for each site. This gets me maximum engagement on my photos and ultimately more revenue from my photos.

Here is a video walking through my workflow, I even include a timer so you know I am not exaggerating that it only takes three minutes.

I have decided that video is a much better way to communicate my messages and demo Photerloo so plan on posting more regularly to our Youtube channel. I will be focusing the video on social media and online marketing for photographers. Click the button below to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss any of the great upcoming videos.