Posting to Twitter and Facebook Pages with Photerloo

I have been developing software for a while now and strongly believe in listening to those who use the software to figure out the best way to improve it.  On that note, I am happy to announce that we are releasing two of the most requested features to Photerloo today, posting to Facebook pages and Twitter.  

It is now possible to link Photerloo to a Facebook page and a Twitter account and post as with other sites. Photos that have already been uploaded to Photerloo can also easily be posted to these two new sites easily from the photos page.

Here is a short video showing the new features:

We have also added a number of bug fixes and minor improvements listed below:

  • Fixed a number of bugs to make uploads made more stable with less errors
  • Popup shown with using Edge or IE which are not fully supported by the site
  • .jpeg file extension now supported
  • Typos fixed and other minor updates to text on site

Last but not least, we have a new logo.  This logo better represents Photerloo as a social media and Microstock site posting tool for photographers by putting the sharing icon in the photo lens, let us know what you think.


We aren't nearly done yet, we have lots of great features planned and are working towards a full non-beta release within the next 3-4 months.  For updates follow us on twitter or facebook.