Where do you Photerloo?

Photerloo is all about giving photographers back time in their days to get out and shoot. So, I am going to start uploading videos showing photos taken with the extra time Photerloo gives me. I just got back from a trip to Alberta, Canada so had some great places to get out and shoot. 

This will also kickoff regular Photerloo posts to Flickr, 500px and Instagram.  We have NO FOLLOWERS yet, remember how that felt ... so please be the first to follow us with the buttons below.

Now checkout our first of many, #WhereDoYouPhoterloo videos.

PS: I know what you are thinking, Photerloo doesn't support Instagram, so why are you setting up an Instagram account, well we have our reasons that will be announced sooner than later :)

Adobe Stock and Fotolia Upload Now Available

As of today, you can link your Photerloo account to Adobe Stock and upload photos to Adobe at the same time as Shutterstock and your social sites.  If you were a Fotolia contributor from before it was purchased by Adobe, then it is very easy to link your Adobe account to Fololia. When you do this, each photo that is uploaded to Adobe Stock also appears in your Fotolia account.

We have also made a number of improvements to reduce the number of upload errors and decreased the page load time for when you are using Photerloo on a mobile device.

For those counting, we have now added Shutterstock, Facebook Pages, Twitter and Adobe stock since our initial beta in February. That brings the count of supported sites to 7, how many more do you think we can add by end of year? We use your feedback to decide which ones get built next do leave a comment below with your favorite site that isn't supported yet to move it up on our list.

Posting to Twitter and Facebook Pages with Photerloo

I have been developing software for a while now and strongly believe in listening to those who use the software to figure out the best way to improve it.  On that note, I am happy to announce that we are releasing two of the most requested features to Photerloo today, posting to Facebook pages and Twitter.  

It is now possible to link Photerloo to a Facebook page and a Twitter account and post as with other sites. Photos that have already been uploaded to Photerloo can also easily be posted to these two new sites easily from the photos page.

Here is a short video showing the new features:

We have also added a number of bug fixes and minor improvements listed below:

  • Fixed a number of bugs to make uploads made more stable with less errors
  • Popup shown with using Edge or IE which are not fully supported by the site
  • .jpeg file extension now supported
  • Typos fixed and other minor updates to text on site

Last but not least, we have a new logo.  This logo better represents Photerloo as a social media and Microstock site posting tool for photographers by putting the sharing icon in the photo lens, let us know what you think.


We aren't nearly done yet, we have lots of great features planned and are working towards a full non-beta release within the next 3-4 months.  For updates follow us on twitter or facebook.

First Blog Post

Well, it is 2017 and blogs are old school but you still gotta have one, so here is ours.  When thinking about what we should blog about I released how much content there is out there about photography. You could easily spend all your free time reading about photography and never take a photo. So, we aren't going to be blogging every day to add to the masses.

However, I have had some success getting my photos distributed across the web and even made a bit of money in the process. This is what this blog is going to be about, how to get your photography seen by other, including those who need to licence photos.  

Of course, Photerloo is built to streamline distributing your photos to different sites, and we will announce when new features are released here, but we will also blog about other areas where I haven't found much info line line, thinks like:

  • How much money can an amateur photographer really make selling on Microstock sites?
  • How are top photographers using social media?
  • Other ideas as we come up with them :)

Welcome to this first blog post, subscribe with an rss reader or follow us on social media (links at bottom of page) to get notified when we feel we have something to say and post it here.